Cai Zhi Lin as Guangdong Residents' Preferred Chinese Medicine Pharmacy

2017-08-31 11:58:54 GPHL GPHL


Cai Zhi Lin sent staffs to stand by the door of the examination place to give Confucian students unique products.

It has been said in the ancient poem that "stepping on clouds with traveling bag, busy in collecting herbs in spite of heat or cold, to save civilians from heavy sickness, they consider climbing up perilous peaks as ordinary things."

Mr. Li, born in Heqingbao, Naihai, Guangdong, maybe had no idea that Cai Zhi Lin Chinese Medicine Pharmacy established by him and his three kinsmen based on their mutual funds has been the Guangdong residents' preferred Chinese medicine pharmacy, and it has written the dramatic story of "good medicine coming from Lingnan" during its experience of successively exploring private sector, state-run, state-run and marketization in more than 200 years.

In Qing Dynasty Jiaqing 18 (AD 1806), Cai Zhi Lin Chinese Medicine Pharmacy opened in Huiaizhong Road No.94 near Qingfeng Bridge of Huiai Steet in Guangzhou's Old Town. At that time, the pharmacy had the pattern of "front shop, back factory" and operated mainly Chinese medicine materials and also patches, elixir, pills and powder.

In Qing Dynasty, Chinese medicine industry developed into an important industry in Guangzhou. During this period, Cai Zhi Lin Chinese Pharmacy emerged at the historic moment when Gaungzhou pharmaceutical industries were burgeoning at low cost.

The site of Cai Zhi Lin Chinese Pharmacy was very exquisite and well-placed. It was located in the centre near the west of Guangzhou City Hall, a very busy area where local dignitaries would like to go shopping.

There was a Panyu Ju-ren named Liu Huadong who was well known for his superb talent, and when Li's obtained his words "Cai Zhi Lin", they immediately made a huge black lacquered shop sign with these words in golden and decorated it with red flowers and ribbons and hung it in the shop. Then the shop quickly gained a reputation and its increasingly thriving business.


Swedish King and Queen personally arrived at Guangzhou by New Goteborg ship. The next day, the King and Queen specially visited Cai Zhi Lin Pharmaceutical Store in Beijing Road.

Guangzhou City Hall was the imperial examination place for Confucian students gathering nearby, and Cai Zhi Lin shop was just located near the examination place. When the manager of the shop saw these Confucian students full of intelligence, he was thinking how about promoting products through these students' word-of-mouth to expand sales channels.

After deeply pondering, he sent staffs to stand by the door of the examination place. Then staffs gave Confucian students unique products such as "Babao Qinghuo Tongming Yanwan" and "Qinghuo Pipagao" packaged in little palettes or red envelopes with sales papers, and so the products could spread widely through these people.

In 1933, Cai Zhi Lin Pharmacy was held by Li Ziming, the fifth generation successor of the Li's . Under his careful management, the scale of the shop was expanded constantly, and musk, bear gallbladders, pearls, rhino horn and other precious medicine were listed in its business  scope. Thus Cai Zhi Lin became the Guangdong people's preferred Chinese medicine pharmacy, and also attracted foreign friends to visit it and buy products.

On 18 July 2006, Swedish New Goteborg ship displayed its presence left 260 years ago, sailing to Guangzhou with the friendship between two countries, and then again wrote glorious mysteries of "The Maritime Silk Route". At the same time, it unleashed the wave of communication between two countries in friendly intercourse, culture and trade, and led Guangzhou citizens to the joy peak just after the celebration of "swimming across Zhujiang River".

Both China and Sweden paid attention to the re-navigation, and Swedish King and Queen personally arrived at Guangzhou by New Goteborg ship. The next day, the King and Queen specially visited Cai Zhi Lin Pharmaceutical Store in Beijing Road, and the King, loving and respecting the Queen, bought a course of Xingqun Anshen Bunao Ye for the Queen in the trouble of poor sleep, and told his diplomatic staffs to bring more back in the future.

Swedish King and Queen's visit quickly made Cai Zi Lin gain its reputation all over the world. Cai Zhi Lin has already developed into the famous big pharmacy standing high in Chinese medicine industry.

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